Mcfarlane Toys Movie Maniacs (1998-2005) Checklist

The Movie Maniacs series is a line of toys for movie fanatics. Many of these action figures are based on film properties. Working with classic and new films whose characters demanded the action figure treatment, such as Friday the 13th, Alien, Predator, Tim Burton\’s Corpse Bride, The Simpsons, Wallace and Gromit, Robocop, Shaft, Freddy, Army of Darkness, and so much more.

Each figure listed year, license, manufacturer, title, set and character. For example, 1989 >> Toy Biz >> Spider-man >> The New Animated Series >> Series 8: Spider Wars >> Hydro-Man.

Other information includes accessories, rarity, product number (if available) and a “value”.


Please note that all prices are for informational purposes only and are NOT a solicitation or offer to buy any of the items quoted.

When researching for these articles I used many different online and offline retailers and auction sites to get an average value AT THE TIME of writing the article.

As such they will almost definitely be incorrect as prices and values are in constant flux and change, much like the stock exchange.

Please check my articles and videos on how to grade and value your action figures for up to date prices.

If you see any errors or omissions please Contact Me.

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Movie Maniacs: Mcfarlane Toys (1998-2005) Checklist