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Have You Been to a Comic Con?
Most people’s idea of a Comic Con (Convention) is a group of geeky, overweight, beer swigging guys sitting in a darkened room sweating and drooling over a pile of Marvel first issues.

Well, this may have been true some 20 years ago but a lot has changed since then…

Originally most Comic Con were held to promote, buy, sell and swap comic books.

A place where traders, publishers, artists and their fans could meet and talk about…


These events were generally held in local charity halls, small hotels, and just about anywhere that could provide cheap space.

The events were also usually organized on a local basis and weren’t heavily advertised or promoted.

So how did they become so popular and BIG?

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As the comic industry grew and its popularity so did these geeky local comic meets and comic-cons.

Comics have always been a popular collectible mainly because their connection with our childhood memories.

As the comic cons popularity began to increase and attracting a wider audience other forms of collectibles started to creep into the Comic Con, such as autographs, trading cards, and movie posters etc.

Then Star Wars was unleashed on the world’s screens.

And its effect and influence of surpassed anything that had come before it.

Star Wars changed everything.

Not just movies.

But the whole industry.

It changed how movies were made, it changed the merchandising, it changed the marketing and it changed people.

For the first time a movie gained a huge fan base and loyal following.

People started to collect anything and everything connected to the movie.

Kids and parents stood in lines outside their local toy store waiting for the latest Star Wars figures to arrive.

And suddenly the whole ‘collectibles’ market became mainstream.

And Comic-Cons became the ideal home for many of the dealers and traders who catered to these markets.

And so the traditional Comic-Con became more of a multi-media event.

There are now thousands of Comic-cons taking place every weekend but there are only a few really worth mentioning.

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