Funko Pop Vinyl Movie Figures Checklist 2011-2022

Funko Pop! are a line of vinyl figures produced by Funko. They are based on video game, movie, and other pop culture entities. Each figure is numbered based on its Pop! line, such as Pop! Games or Pop! Animation. They are available from various retailers and the Funko Shop online.

Standard size figures are typically about 4 inches tall. Super-sized figures are 10 or 18 inches tall. Variant figures change the size or appearance of standard figures. Common variants include super-sized, flocked, and metallic. Variant figures will often, but not always, have the same number as the original. Variants will sometimes include a sticker on the box to indicate the variation.

If a Pop! is exclusive to a retailer or convention, a sticker with the retailer’s or convention’s name is included on the box. Convention exclusives typically share exclusivity with a retailer. Exclusives are also often available on the Funko Shop online; these may come with the exclusive sticker, a “special edition” sticker, or no sticker. Exclusive retailers can differ between countries.

They are made in the Japanese style known as Chibi, which means short and cute.The heads of the Pop! Vinyl figures are the most recognizable part as they are substantially larger than the bodies in which they sit. They also feature large solid black eyes widely spaced on the face. Typically the mouth and eyebrows are notably missing from a standard Pop! Vinyl.

Vinyl figures are categorized into categories or collections such as Movies, Television, Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Heroes, and Game of Thrones.

Each Pop! Vinyl has an incremental number assigned to it based on the collection it is a part of, eg. #01, #02, etc. Exclusives often share the same number as their standard variant.

  • Pop! Minis
  • Pop! Pins
  • Pocket Pop!
  • Exclusives

Funko Pop Vinyl Movie Figures Checklist 2011-2022