Kenner NFL Football Starting Lineup Figures

The NFL Starting Lineup Figures were sold in cases of 16 which were designated by year, sport and a two-digit decimal number, e.g. 1988 Football Case .01, 1992 Football Case .04 etc.

Each came with one or more trading cards, and occasionally another keepsake such as a mini-poster or medallion. In addition, the bubble had a kind of “foot” extending 2-3 inches out from the cardboard which it could stand on.

The NFL Starting Lineup Figures were made from hard plastic, and painted to resemble a particular footballer, although the “resemblance” was often questionable. There was initially a limited number of poses for a figure, originally 10, for each sport but in 1993 and 1995 Kenner introduced a number of new poses.

These football figures also had limited articulation with joints at the shoulders, neck and waist and a base that resembled a part of the football field.

Some of the rarest NFL Starting Lineup Football figures quoted in Tuff Stuff magazine are:

1988 Marc Wilson ($425)
1989 Bill Bates ($425)
1989 Bill Fralic ($425)
1988 Ron Woodson ($400)
1988 Darrell Green ($375)
1988 Kellen Winslow ($375)
1988 Steve Jordan ($360)

The main series of figures were produced for thirteen consecutive years. i.e. from 1988-2000.

But there were also several sub-lines of figures produced, these were:

Headliner Football Series
Classic Doubles
Heisman Series
Gridiron Greats
12 Inch Series
Hall of Fame Legends
2000 Elite Series

Each figure listed year, license, manufacturer, title, set and character. For example, 1989 >> Toy Biz >> Spider-man >> The New Animated Series >> Series 8: Spider Wars >> Hydro-Man.

Other information includes accessories, rarity, product number (if available) and a “value”.


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Kenner NFL Stating Lineup Figures