AFR Ultimate Action Figure Guide “G”

This page lists all the action figure lines beginning with “G” if a line’s title includes the word “The” this is not included, therefore “The Lord of the Rings” is listed under “L” for “Lord of the Rings”.

All listings are sortable by license name, set, and/or character.

Please Note: All prices quoted are for information only and are NOT an offer or solicitation to buy any at these prices.

If you see any errors or omissions please Contact Me.

I have been building a database of action figures since 2004 and  I now have more than 40,000 action figure prices, checklists and guides in this database.

This is probably the most comprehensive list of action figures available online and covers virtually every figure that was been produced between 1964-2010.

Each figure listed year, license, manufacturer, title, set and character. For example, 1989 >> Toy Biz >> Spider-man >> The New Animated Series >> Series 8: Spider Wars >> Hydro-Man.

Other information includes accessories, rarity, product number (if available) and a “value”.


Please note that all prices are for informational purposes only and are NOT a solicitation or offer to buy any of the items quoted.

I use several resources for the values of the figures, including Tomart, Toy Fair, Lees Action Figure Reviews magazines, as well as catalogues and in-print action figure guides.

However, most of these publications are 5-10 years old, or older and as such they will almost definitely be incorrect as prices and values are in constant flux and change, much like the stock exchange.

Please check my articles and videos on how to grade and value your action figures for up to date prices.

How to Value Your Action Figures
How to Grade Your Action Figures

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