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Fatal Four Way 2002 > Jakks Pacific – Wrestling

Fatal Four Way (2002) was a very detailed specialty line by Jakks Pacific that released 4 figures at a time. Collecting all 4 would assemble a Ring, with each figure posing in a corner of the small ring.
Characters released in Fatal 4 Way over three series:
Bubba Ray Dudley (2)
Chris Jericho (2)
Christian (2)
Jeff Hardy (2)
Steve Austin
The Undertaker

Fatal Four Way2002 > Jakks Pacific - Wrestling

Final Count and Finishing Moves 2000-2002 > Jakks Pacific – Wrestling

Finishing Moves (2000-2001) and Final Count (2002) were super posable 2-packs. Match Enders (2002) was done in the same style but released as single figures instead of double packs. Almost decades later, it is near impossible to find a loose figure from this set in mint shape. Most are very loose due to the way they were built.

It was reported February 2002 on wrestlingfigs.com that Finishing Moves would receive a name change to Final Count due to legal issues with the Finishing Moves name. This body style of figures didn’t last but a couple years. It featured figures of The Rock, Chris Jericho, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Steve Austin, The Hardy’s, and more.

Final Count and Finishing Moves 2000-2002 > Jakks Pacific - Wrestling

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