Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

Funko Pops are giant-headed, big-eyed plastic replicas of your favourite actors and actresses, characters, and people from pop culture. The collectables are known for their oddly proportioned bodies, oversized heads, wide round eyes, and are placed inside a small box to either be left inside or taken out (depending on how you want to display it). Due to their distinctive appearance, the figurines have become one of the most popular items in the collecting world, rising to global stardom and reinventing the wheel when it comes to fandom merchandise. Every time a new figure is added to a specific series, the product is assigned a unique number. This unique number is printed on the box and gives the entire product a more collectible look. The collectibles are also made from vinyl (hence the term Pop! Vinyl).

The standard (and original) size for a Pop! Vinyl is 3.75 inches and fits perfectly in its own box. You can now find oversized products on our site that can reach up to 18 inches and are much bigger than the original size.

Much like other collectables in the market, it is very easy to become obsessed with the adorable figurines. Not only are they popular due to their unique appearance, they are also much more affordable than other competitors in the industry, with the starting price beginning at £8. Popular editions tend to go up in value.

There is a plethora of niche Pop! Categories on the market, including the likes of Movies, Television, Horror, Sports, Anime, Rides, Icons, Ad Icons, Heroes, Marvel, DC Comics, Sar Wars, Disney, Games, Animation, and Rocks.

When Did They Come Out?

Funko Inc. was founded in 1998 by Mike and Claudia Becker with a goal of providing niche and nostalgic collectables. This small business idea has since turned into one of the biggest collecting corporations on the market. The company was sold to Brian Mariotti in 2005 and has been gradually expanding his business, acquiring many brands and product lines along the way. 6 years after Brian’s initial takeover, he eventually released the Funko Pop! Vinyl.

The company has also added the likes of 5 Star, Dorbz, Funkoverse, Vynl., Mopeez, Plush, Vinyl Soda, and Vinyl Gold to its selection.

What Was The First Funko Pop?

In 2010, Funko revealed their first line-up of products at San Diego Comic Con and were originally named Funko Force 2.0. The product line was a DC Comics collection and included Batgirl, Green Lantern, and two variants of Batman. This was a limited-edition collection and has since become some of the rarest pops around.

The plastic figures were not shipped in the iconic white boxes that they now come in and arrived in plastic clamshell packaging instead.