Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1983-1984 Checklist

Based on the popular role-playing game by TSR. The first series of figures was re-released along side the second having “New Battle-Matic Action”. The Ogre King and Northlord were also re-released with “Shield Shooting Action”. The Ogre King had an all new orange and lighter green color scheme, while the Northlord’s only difference was his shield. A line of PVC and bendy figures and monsters was released as well.

The second series of figures are generally harder to find. Tiamat is also hard to come buy especially complete as her wings are fragile and tend to break off. The Snake Cave Playset (which was to double as a carry case), the Viking Valkeer, the “Shield Shooter” Pulverye, second Kelek figure, and the monsters Behir and Bullete were displayed in the LJN catalog but were never produced.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Checklist