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Toy Biz produced and manufactured Spiderman Action figures between 1994 and 2007. During this period they released more than 20 lines of Spiderman figures with literally hundreds of variations.

Most of these figures were generally massively overproduced with poor sculpting and paintwork and as a result, remain fairly easy to get hold of even 30+ years later. Also, nearly every series, except a couple, had two or three different Spider-man figures, which were essentially the same. The only difference between them was generally the included accessories, the paintwork, or the action feature. Some had a different hand different hands, but on the whole, the bodies and head-sculpts remained the same. The only plus side was that they were great fun to play with and were immensely popular with kids. Each of the figures in series 1-7 of the line also had a Bonus Collectors Pin.

The backing cards were fairly generic also to keep down costs, with a cartoon style Spider-man logo (see above) at the top. Below this the left hand side of the card featured a cartoon style drawing of the figure on the card, and on the right hand side was the bubble containing the figure, which took up approx two thirds of the card.

The top half of the back of the card featured the Spider-man logo at the top and the same image as on the front with a short bio of the character. The top left hand side shows a diagram of the figures ‘action’ feature.

The bottom half of the consisted of photos of each of the characters in the current series and the previous series, e.g. series 4 had photos of the series 3 and 4 characters on the back.

Spider-Man TNAS Wave 1

The very first Toy Biz series based on Spiderman was modeled on the appearances of characters from the animated TV series. There were seven toys in total in the first wave of the animated series toys.

• Spider-Man Web Racer
• Spider-Man Web Shooter
• Smythe with “Punching Power”
• Venom with “Jaw Chomping Action”
• Carnage with “Weapon Arms”
• Dr. Octopus with “Tentacle Whipping Action”
• Hobgoblin with “Hurling Pumpkin Bomb”

Spider-Man TNAS Wave 2

Series 2 1994
• Spider-Man with “Web Parachute”
• Peter Parker with “Camera Accessory”
• Alien Spider-Slayer with “Twin Torso Spider Pincers”
• KingPin with “Grab and Smash Action”
• Kraven with “Spear Throwing Action”
• The Lizard with “”Lashing Tail Action”
• Vulture with “Spreading Wing Acton”

Spider-Man TNAS Wave 3

Series 3 1994
• Spider-Man Multi-Jointed with “Super Poseable Action”
• Spider-Man Spider Armor with “Super Web Shield”
• Shocker Shooting Power Blasts
• Green Goblin with “Goblin Glider Attack”
• Scorpion with “Tail Striking Action”
• Rhino (scarce) with “Head Ramming Action”

Spider-Man TNAS Wave 4

Series 4 1994
• Spider-Man Black Costume with “Web-Climbing Action”
• Spider-Man Web Glider with “Air Assault Action”
• Mysterio with “Mist Squirting Action”
• The Chameleon with “Transforming Identity”
• The Prowler with “Extending Claws”
• Venom II with “Removable Symbiotic Mask”
• Spider-Man Night Shadow with “Web Swinging Gear”

Spider-Man TNAS Wave 5

Series 5 1995

• Six Arm Spider-Man with “Six Arm Arachnid Battle Attack”
• Battle Ravaged Spider-Man with “Secret Storage Backpack”
• Nick Fury with “Missile Launching Jet Pack”
• Morbius with “Transforming Vampire Action”
• Punisher
• Spider-Sense Spider-Man with “Wall Crawling Action”

Spider-Man TNAS Wave 6

Series 6 1995
• Man-Spider with “Immobilizing Restraints”
• Octo-Spidey with “Poseable Tentacles”
• Web Cannon Spider-Man with “Web Blast Action”
• Carnage Unleashed with “Removable Symbiotic Limbs”
• Tombstone with “Double Punch Action”

Spider-Man TNAS Wave 7: The Special Collectors Series

Series 7 1996
• Spider-Man 2099 with “Spider Assault Weaponry”
• New Spider-Man with “Venom Containment Gear”
• Total Armor Rhino with “Anti-Spider Armor”
• Spider-Woman with “Black Widow Assault Gear”
• Stealth Venom (Sneak Attack Symbiote)

Spider-Man TNAS Wave 8: Spider Wars

Series 8: Spider wars – 1996

• Cyborg Spiderman
• Black cat
• Doppelganger
• Dr. Strange
• Hydroman.