Kenner NHL Hockey Starting Lineup Checklists

The first vintage Kenner NHL Hockey Starting Lineup figures were released in 1993 as part of Kenner’s successful line of Starting Lineup action figures. These figures came in yellow carded blisters and each of the 4-inch figures had articulation on the shoulders, neck and waist and a base that resembled a part of the ice-rink. […]

Kenner NFL Football Starting Lineup Figures

The NFL Starting Lineup Figures were sold in cases of 16 which were designated by year, sport and a two-digit decimal number, e.g. 1988 Football Case .01, 1992 Football Case .04 etc. Each came with one or more trading cards, and occasionally another keepsake such as a mini-poster or medallion. In addition, the bubble had […]

Kenner Basketball Starting Lineup Fugures Guide and Checklist

It was in 1988 that Kenner released their first NBA Starting Lineup figures. Unlike the figures that you can buy today these figures only had a very crude likeness of the stars they were supposed to be of, but at the time they were all that was available, and they filled a gap in the […]

Kenner Baseball Starting Line-up Checklist

Kenner first debuted the MLB Starting Lineup Baseball Figures in 1988 by releasing a 124 player set, a 5 player stand and a mail in baseball and each team had at least four players in the set. Kenner also distributed the players to stores generally by geographical region, so it was virtually impossible to complete […]


Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures Funko Pops are giant-headed, big-eyed plastic replicas of your favourite actors and actresses, characters, and people from pop culture. The collectables are known for their oddly proportioned bodies, oversized heads, wide round eyes, and are placed inside a small box to either be left inside or taken out (depending on how […]

Action Figure Checklists

February 2023 “G” License Checklists GODZILLA: Trendmasters 1994GODZILLA HEAVY HITTERS Toy Biz 1995GODZILLA vs. ENEMY: Trendmasters 1995GODZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTER Trendmasters 1995GODZILLA WARS Trendmasters 1996Godzilla, King of the MonstersGODZILLA: “Size Does Matter” Trendmasters 1998GODZILLA ACTION FIGURES: Trendmasters 1998G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero: Hasbro (1982-2003)Real American Hero Collection (1997-1998)Real American Hero Collection (2000-2002)G.I. Joe […]

AFR Ultimate Action Figure Guide “B”

Kenner Baseball Starting Line-up Kenner Basketball Starting Lineup Index B.C BIKERS: Street Kids 1994BABYLON 5 Wave 1: Exclusive Premiere 1997Bad Guys, The “THE ULIMATE ENEMY”: Remco 1982Bad Guys, The “THE ULIMATE ENEMY”: Remco 1982BARNYARD COMMANDOS: Playmates 1989Batman: THE DARK KNIGHT 1990-1991BATMAN : THE ANIMATED SERIES Kenner 1993-95BATMAN RETURNS II Kenner 1994Batman: THE ANIMATED SERIES Mask […]

The Ultimate Action Figure Guide Main

I have been building this database of action figures since 2004 and I now have more than 60,000 action figure prices, checklists, and guides listed in this database. This is probably the most comprehensive list of action figures available online and covers virtually every figure that was been produced between 1964-2010. Each figure is listed […]